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Ask Squad Levi turned 1 today!

"Well guys, this thing is a year old now. Whatever exactly it its…"-Auruo

"Oh that’s great! A whole year of fun and letters! Thank you so much everyone!" -Petra

"I have to say…It’s pretty cool that so many of you have stuck around for this long. Thanks! We’ll try our best to keep answering letters!"-Erd

"That’s…um…wow..a year already…thanks!" -Gunter

*blows out candle wishing desperately for more asks and love from you guys!*


Because he doesn’t get the love he deserves!

» If you could pick a FC for me (the mun) who would it be, and why?





there’s this amazing site called realtimeboardwhich is like a whiteboard where you can plan and draw webs and family trees and timelines and all that sort of stuff. you can also insert videos, documents, photos, and lots of other things. you can put notes and post-its and, best of all, you can invite other people to be on the board with you and edit together!! 

this is really really awesome and a great tool for novel planning, so if you’re doing nanowrimo…. this could be good for you!!

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» Attack on Titan Muse Characterization Meme


Scouting Legion / Garrison / Military Police / Other:


Gradution Rank:

Years of Service:

Age at Enlistment-Graduation-Current:

Grew up in:



Brief Physical Description:



3 Random Facts:

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The brave die never, though they sleep in dust:
Their courage nerves a thousand living men. — Minot J. Savage
» send me adjectives and i’ll match them to a blogger i follow.

My Rosalinde Zuhoren RP blog!

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